Friday, December 21, 2007

Vapid Consumerism

So with the economy boosting season happening going to the store is quite the chore. Last minute shoppers, store employees, kids running around, parents yelling and of course the hot and naked waitresses....wait a minute....that last one didn't happen. Though with the large numbers of people packed into stores of all types [all types of people and stores for that matter] trying to get that[those] last gift[s] I am not even sure I would have notice nudity at all....sad but true. Which brings me to the thought that popped into my mind on the way home. Everyone knows how kids [and alot of adults for that matter] get the gifts they want, play with them for a few hours or days and that's the end of it...why isn't shopping at second hand stores more popular this time of year? You can usually find something in good shape that can be destroyed by the rug-rats and save yourself the money. Or even better yet....why not get your kiddies lists and pick out what is the best toy they are asking for and get it....then donate it to "Toy For Tots" so an underprivileged child gets something good instead of the usual Dollar Store rejects that they would normally get. Just a thought.

Tonight I share a bit of Joe Walsh....Enjoy!

Joe Walsh ~ Second Hand Store

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