Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The drive and the point after

I have been and will always be a fan of specific sports teams. I have never been a bandwagon jumper and never will be. My teams are the World Champion Boston Red Sox, The currently 13 and Oh New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia Flyers and college football's Penn State Nittany Lions. Been through good and bad times with all of these teams but I will never turn my back on any of them. It's odd how sports runs in stretches. A few years ago the Sawx couldn't buy a championship, now they have 2 in 4 years. The Celts looked horrible and now they look like contenders again. You get the picture.

After the Patriots demolished the Steelers [Guarantee be damned!!] my wife and I went into town to pick up some needed household items and were discussing music along the way. I realized, except for a live set and doing the theme at the beginning of The Simpsons Movie, Green Day really hasn't been heard from lately. I was wondering what Billie Joe and the guys had been up to lately.

Yesterday, I found out.

It seems the trio has decided to do yet another side project. This one being way different than the '80s new wave-ish sound that was incorporated into The Network. Now they are doing garage rock kinda like The Hives. Check it out below or get the whole 6 track EP here Stop Drop and Roll

The Foxboro Hot Tubs ~ Highway 1

By the way...Foxboro is the city that the Partiots call home.

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