Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Long Day's Winding Ever Slowly Into Night

After a long day of working on household projects and taking care of bills I tend to want to relax. That just could not happen today. My wife is going through her winter blues and my youngest son is still favoring me with every song he and his elementary school sang to me and all the parents in the area from the traditional holiday concert. I am feeling stressed and nothing helps me wind down better in the winter time than a nice warm beverage and some Warren Zevon. So tonight I share some of my favorites from WZ. Thanks to the fine folks at the Internet Archive for supplying these.

Warren Zevon ~ Splendid Isolation ~ Live 1996

Warren Zevon ~ Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner ~ Live 1988

Warren Zevon ~ I'll Sleep When I'm Dead ~ Live 1976

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