Wednesday, December 24, 2008

5 best CDs of 2008 - Reissues

The epic continues....

1) All of the U2 reissues ~ Boy, October, War & Under A Blood Red Sky - To get remasters of these classic CDs would have been enough for me. Bono and the guys did this one step better including a whole extra CD or DVD of demos, live versions and rarities.

2) Johnny Cash ~ At Folsom Prison - Deluxe Edition - The full originally released LP with the tracks eliminated from that show and a whole other CD of the whole of the second show he played there. Great additions to the Cash legacy.

3) Rob Dickinson ~ Fresh Wine For The Horses - Now including a second CD of live material largely culled from Catherine Wheel songs played acoustic. Black Metallic, IMHO, NEVER sounded this good to me before.

4) Steve Earle ~ Copperhead Road - Deluxe Edition - The original set, one of my favorite CDs by him, remixed and remastered with a second CD of 17 live tracks from his 1988 tour. In college everybody had this LP and I do mean everybody. A local radio station had been given what had to be about 1000 of them and everyone I hung around with got a copy of it from there. I am glad to say now that I FINALLY purchased this set.

5) Billy Joel ~ The Stranger - 30th Anniversary Legacy Edition - My 2nd favorite Billy Joel LP, the 1st favorite being Glass Houses, Remastered and remixed with a full show from 1978.

Honorable Mentions - Warren Zevon ~ Warren Zevon, Liz Phair ~ Exile in Guyville, Lynyrd Skynyrd ~ Street Survivors, Dennis Wilson ~ Pacific Ocean Blue - Legacy Edition & The Lemonheads ~ It's A Shame About Ray

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