Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 best CDs of 2008 - New material

The finale.....

1) Al Stewart ~ Sparks of Ancient Light - A great collection of classic music from Mr. Stewart and the ONLY CD I have been able to listen to from beginning to end repeatedly since it's release.

2) Mudcrutch ~ Mudcrutch & Mudcrutch Extended Play Live - Tom Petty and the band that led to the formation of The Heartbreakers. And then a live set added to boot. Great stuff.

3) Juliana Hatfield ~ How To Walk Away - I would put this up against any of her work with Blake Babies and previous solo efforts. It is just that good an overall CD.

4) B-52's ~ Funplex - The most fun CD of the year. It is great to hear this band return with such strong material.

5) The Dandy Warhols ~ ...Earth To The Dandy Warhols... - A well put together and performed set that doesn't seem to have gotten any interest from anyone since it's release. And what little interest has been drawn to it has been quite negative. What the h*ll, I like it!

Honorable Mentions - Old 97s ~ Blame It On Gravity, Oasis ~ Dig Out Your Soul, Joe Jackson ~ Rain, Matthew Sweet ~ Sunshine Lies, Rick Springfield ~ Venus In Overdrive & Lindsey Buckingham ~ Gift Of Screws

Have a safe New Year's Eve all!!!

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