Friday, December 18, 2009

It's time for.....

The Top 5 of 2009!!!

I was really thinking about posting this a few weeks ago when I realized I would have to supply a list....and there are far more disappoinments for me this year than in the recent past.....

A perfect example for me is Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue....

I have been looking forward to the surviving members to reform for 4 years now....when they do it turns into a poor Jerry Cantrell solo set.....oh well, such is life in the cornfields of Iowa....

The sets that make my list are mostly old favorites and safe picks.....

[In No Particular Order]

5. Monsters of Folk - Monsters of Folk

Put together Jim James [My Morning Jacket], Conor Oberst [Bright Eyes, et al], M. Ward [She & Him] and Mike Mogis [Bright Eyes, et al] and have them record a series of harmonious and occasionally electrified tunes blending folk-rock, country and white soul and that would be Monsters of Folk. They have been compared stylistically to Traveling Wilburys [in every article I have seen one of the 4 members here have complained about that]....and I can really hear that. The whole CD is catchy. Stand-out Tracks: Man Named Truth & The Sandman, the Brakeman and Me

4. Simple Minds - Graffiti Soul [Deluxe Edition]

Wow, I was reading an article the other day that amazed and surprised me....this is Simple Minds' 15th album....for me it seems like yesterday that Jim Kerr was disliking "Don't You Forget About Me" and was reaping it's benefits at the same time...very good new material and some excellant covers to boot too! Stand-out Tracks: Light Travels & Shadows and Light

3. Collective Soul - Collective Soul [or "Rabbit"]

I like it when a band can be consistant...Collective Soul is one of those em or hate em they are what they are....I love em! Stand-out Tracks: She Does & Welcome All Again

2. a-Ha - Foot of the Mountain

Sadly this is supposed to be the last CD of new material by a-Ha...calling it quits after 25+ years as a band...they go out on a very high note. Stand-out tracks: Mother Nature Goes To Heaven & The Bandstand

1. Ryan Star - Last Train Home EP

Nice collection from the artist who once was a contestant on Rock Star: Supernova and is the writer/singer of the theme song for Fox-TV's Lie To Me....look for his full CD 11:59 in the new year. Stand-out tracks: Breathe & Brand New Day

Honorable Mentions - KISS - Sonic Boom / Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown / Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - Under The Covers Volume 2 / Cheap Trick - The Latest

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